Archion Sells Storage to Top Hollywood Creative Ad Agency Intralink

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Burbank, CA, November 10, 2006 -- Archion, the entertainment industry‘s largest alternative storage solution to Avid storage systems, has announced a significant sale of storage capacity via its “Synergy Plus” product to Intralink, through a newly launched re-seller deal with Media Distributors. The announcement was made by Mark Bianchi, CEO, Archion.

Mr. Bianchi said, “After our initial discussions with Intralink, we knew that Archion was the only storage choice for their current infrastructure without retooling their entire facility. One of the attractive components of Archion systems for Intralink was our focus to preserve their previously existing storage investments.”

Archion‘s Synergy Plus was specially designed to expand and enhance the existing Avid Unity storage system, transforming it from a mirroring software platform to a hardware RAID-based system. The addition of Synergy Plus nearly doubles a client‘s usable storage. Synergy Plus continues to gain widespread acceptance as the expansion storage of choice for Unity systems, since its debut at NAB 2006.

Archion‘s sale to Intralink continues the company‘s resounding success with its Synergy Plus product. The sale is comprised of 16 terabytes of storage capacity through the Synergy Plus. Intralink is one of the top creative advertising agencies in Hollywood.

The Intralink sale was made as a result of Archion‘s new re-seller arrangement with Media Distributors, one of the largest independent distributors of motion picture stock, videotape, recording, storage, duplication and data media in the nation.

Regarding his company‘s use of the Synergy Plus product, Bobby Lea, Director, Technical Operations, for Intralink said, “We were looking for new hardware that could help us bridge the gap between Avid‘s Unity and Isis storage systems. Archion‘s Synergy Plus met that need perfectly, and bridges the two

systems. Unity is quite slow during a drive recovery process, while Archion‘s Raid 5 solution allows us to hot swap drives during a drive failure while editors continue to work, without losing any data.”

Said Larry Divini, VP, Sales and National Sales Manager, Media Distributors, “Intralink was looking for a value added solution and package, and Archion was a key solution to the final result. Archion SynergyPlus is an alternative storage solution for the Avid Unity Environment that is RAID protected and fault tolerant and fully interoperable with Unity File Manager. SynergyPlus can be added to an existing Avid Unity Storage Environment or used in a brand new installation as was done with Intralink. It provides a full shared storage environment for Avid Unity at 1/3 the cost. This creates a unique value proposition that enables our customers to create the best total solution for their editing and production environments.”

Tony Cahill, Storage and Publishing Solutions Account Manager for Media Distributors, added, “In our demo for Intralink, we showed the capability and robustness of the system by pulling 3 drives to simulate multiple drive failures. Both the Avid File Manager and Avid Clients experienced no issues. The spare drives kicked in and began the rebuilding process immediately.”


Founded in l979 by Anthony Goldschmidt, Intralink is one of the most established and well respected strategic marketing and creative design groups operating in the entertainment business today. The company provides comprehensive print and audio-visual campaigns for domestic theatrical, international theatrical, home entertainment and television. Intralink also has extensive experience in main title design and corporate identity campaigns.


Founded in l998, Media Distributors supplies professional motion picture stock, videotape, recording, storage, duplication and data media. The company, an authorized dealer of every major manufacturer, including Sony, Fujifilm, Maxell, Quantum, Panasonic, Rimage, Primera, Pioneer, and many others, sells these products to companies and individuals in the entertainment, advertising, and broadcast industries, as well as to educational, corporate, ministries and governmental clients.


According to James Tucci, Archion‘s CTO, Synergy Plus, the only hardware RAID product compatible with Avid‘s Unity system, including the latest version Medianetwork 4.1, is a full featured SATA II to FC Raid storage unit designed for networking digital video systems. The product comes in units from 4 TB and up, with 2 ports of 2GB FC, and operates transparently with the Unity hardware and software.

Archion‘s Synergy Plus removes the risk for media loss in the event of a drive failure without mirroring. The Synergy Plus product offers Unity users hardware RAID protection within a Unity environment, adding significant data storage expansion, without doubling the storage requirements and without incurring any additional software expenses.


Archion Technologies, headquartered in Burbank, California, was founded in 1999 by a group of technology entrepreneurs with a vision for designing networked storage systems for the professional video market. Archion's founders were the first to successfully network eight Avids and one terabyte of Networked RAID storage on a feature film. As the leading manufacturer of storage solutions for Avid users, Archion storage has been utilized by hundreds of feature films and by dozens of television projects.

Archion manufactures high performance, high availability, fault tolerant networked storage for multiple platforms and heterogeneous environments. These powerful and turnkey systems provide the ultimate in capability, scalability, flexibility, data rate performance, and the data protection demanded by editing professionals.

In addition, Archion offers a flagship Service Contract unparalleled in the industry. Archion's Tech Refresh program provides clients the opportunity to refresh their technology 24 months from the date of purchase. This offers clients the option to extend their storage capacity. Many of their clients have referred to Archion's Tech Refresh as the end of Storage Obsolescence.