AlphaDogs Post Production Creates Awareness For The Homeless In A Star For Rose

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Burbank based AlphaDogs Post Production has completed work on the film A Star For Rose. A story that follows three homeless people who come together as a street family and their day to day struggles against the harsh realities of the world living life on the street. Cast members include: Debbie Allen, John Savage, and Tara Walker. Producer Daniel Yost (Co-writer, Drugstore Cowboy) faced a big challenge when choosing a post facility after being told the audio on the film could not be fixed. Yost comments, “I contacted several post house facilities and AlphaDogs was the only company who said the audio could be fixed and still remain within my budget.” Paul De Cham, General Manager of AlphaDogs helped usher the mix through one of the facilities 5.1 Pro Tools audio suites. Production sound issues were fixed with the use of multiple audio restoration plug-ins to reduce hiss, crackle, and overmodulation. “Producer Yost was concerned that all hope was lost with scenes that contained excessive background noise. He was pleasantly surprised to find that AlphaDogs possessed the essential noise reduction plug-ins and ambient sound effects that allowed the dialog to be more audible, especially for outdoor scenes.” said De Cham. “Having an extensive sound library for ambiance and sound design also allowed for a full surround soundscape adding to the emotional tone needed for the film.” A Star For Rose was shot documentary-style in and around Hollywood and Santa Monica. Finishing editor and colorist Sean Stack used Final Cut Pro 7 to complete the edit. Scene setups did not allow time for perfect lighting conditions creating a challenge in keeping a look of progressive shifts in time throughout the day while telling the story. Stack was able to add contrast, saturation, and adjust color balance to match shots from different camera angles using Apple Color. “We were able to color correct scenes to keep the time of day consistent where it needed to be for the story points. Once the first pass of color grading to even out the footage was completed a second pass was performed to create a more cinematic feel to the video footage.” Stack said. Producer Yost comments, “Sean was amazing in the work he did with the color in making the picture look like film instead of HD. I would definitely come back to AlphaDogs with the service and quality of work I have received. The audio issues were resolved and the film looks great. Everyone was professional and easy to work with.” The story follows the life of a 50-year-old African-American woman named Rose who begins her mornings by cleaning an empty star on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. Her life is spent ranting to the air and blaming everything on pigeons until she finds 20 year old Marcy asleep in her car. Rose becomes a surrogate mother to Marcy and teaches her the benefits of being homeless and how to survive on the streets. Meanwhile Marcy continues to wait for her chance to appear on TV’s Search For A Star and be discovered as a tap dancer. Rose’s world is further changed when she meets Mort. A 50-year-old Gulf War veteran in a wheelchair who thinks the shadow government is out to get him, prompting Rose to question his sanity. The three become like family. aiding one another in survival on the street. A Star For Rose was written, produced, and directed by Daniel Yost for Cascade Sky Films and Co-produced by Paul DeCham of AlphaDogs Post Production. About AlphaDogs: AlphaDogs is a full service post production company. Operating in the heart of Burbank’s media district, AlphaDogs offers state of the art editing bays, color correction, audio mixing, visual effects, production offices and equipment rentals. To learn more