3D Animated Commercial is Pure “Gold� For !mpossible Pictures

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DENVER, CO - Feb. 11, 2008 - Power, wealth, and mystery are just a few of the traits often attributed to gold, that elusive metal that we can't seem to get enough of. These unique characteristics, and more, are captured in a 3-D animated television spot created by Denver-based

!mpossible Pictures

to promote the Denver Museum of Nature & Science's new exhibit, "GOLD." The museum called on !mpossible Pictures for creative concepts to promote the new GOLD exhibit, recalled company Vice President and director of the spot, Steve Urbano. "We've been honored to produce most of the museum's big spots in the past," he said, "but this time we were called upon to develop creative, too. That opened up a whole world of possibilities." !mpossible Pictures created several concept storyboards and presented them to the museum, which made a final choice based on what they felt had the most appeal. "We let our imaginations run wild but ultimately came back to an early idea that was very simple," Urbano said. "The concept was striking, but we were concerned about the technical means to execute it. We had two options: a traditional film shoot using practical effects, or do it entirely in 3D animation.� The spot is indeed pure gold: scenes entice the viewer with close-up glimpses of a lustrous and mysterious molten metal flowing through a large, empty mold. As the brilliant metal flows, two streams of flowing gold collide and the camera pulls back revealing the entire mold spelling out the single word "GOLD" in liquid metal. Creating the spot was a real team effort. "When Steve first talked to me about it, I felt confident it could be done in 3D," comments Chad Jacobson, animation director at !mpossible Pictures. "The first thing we did was put together some rough sketches and map out the shots.� Those sketches then became what !mpossible calls a "previzualization," or the entire spot in a rough form, allowing the team at !mpossible and the client to see how the spot might play out. Once the action was worked out, Jacobson used specialized animation software to create the elements of flowing molten gold, and to add realistic lighting and reflections. Chad's animation then went into the company's Discreet FLAME system where glows, glints and other highlight elements were added. "An added bonus was that because all the scenes were built in 3D, we were able to provide the museum high resolution still images for use in their print campaigns.� Chad said. “We're are extremely proud of the spot, and really owe a huge 'thank you' to the museum for giving us another opportunity to do what we do best," said Urbano. “I think the public will be intrigued by the spot, and even how it was made. That curiosity will drive them to see the GOLD exhibit. After all, that's what it's all about.� !mpossible Pictures is the creative digital studio for networks, advertising and entertainment. We produce network promos, graphic packages, commercials and television shows. Based in Denver, Colorado, we are a production company and a post-production studio of directors, designers, artists and producers tackling a variety of creative assignments. Often cited for our animation and visual effects work, we have a full post-production facility with editing, animation, visual effects and finishing. !mpossible Pictures staff have been honored with numerous awards including BDA and Promax, Clios Addys, Emmys, Telly Awards, Art Directors Club, and an Academy Award. Clients include Ford, McDonalds, Discovery Channel, TNT Network, Travel Channel, Speed, Dish Network, Universal Studios, Disney, Coors, National Geographic Channel, Dupont and Pepsi.