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Zoe Cassavetes Examines Aging in Hollywood in ‘Day Out of Days’

Zoe Cassavetes’ film Day Out of Days is about an aging starlet dealing with the ephemeral realities of fame and aging in Hollywood. It stars Alexia Landeau and Melanie Griffith.

“In a way it’s the role of a lifetime to be able to play what’s always plaguing you. I got such an immediate and visceral reaction from the women in this film because they were all of that age and all feeling the burn in some way,” Cassavetes tells Vogue. “And then they brought their talent and skills to the story. We weren’t out to stage a big conversation, but the story touched them somehow. There’s camaraderie about the subject, which is sad and sort of beautiful at the same time. Women have interesting things to say; I’m glad to help say them: I have no edit button and I don’t care about being p.c.”