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Zeiss Milvus Lenses Offer Expanded Cinematographic Options

“In order to be able to smoothly adjust the aperture, you had to send the lenses to specialists, who would then reconstruct them.” Aside from the additional time and cost involved, there was always an extra risk because this procedure amounts to a considerable intrusion on the interior of each lens. That’s why Zeiss Ambassador Clinton Harn likes the fact that Zeiss Milvus lenses give him the choice when it comes to aperture. Depending on the application, Clinton can decide if he wants to work with a smooth aperture adjustment or not—and immediately start working with it after a small turn of the screw on the lens mount.

Harn says this is a sign that Zeiss understands the needs of users and is prepared to create practical solutions based on that insight. “I don’t think a lot of people understand the amazing benefits of performing an iris pull when transitioning from exterior to interior shots when executed properly. Having this option on a non-cine lens just gives you more options.”

The same could be said of the focusing ring, which has a rubber coating that Harn found to be very comfortable. “It always provides optimal grip, especially in difficult climate conditions—for example, when it’s really cold or in a hot environment.” Moreover, its handling with a large rotation angle makes this lens perfectly suited for exact manual focusing. Robustness is also guaranteed, as all Zeiss Milvus lenses have a full-metal barrel and weather sealing.