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You’re a Robot, Be a Robot: Felix & Paul’s VR Film ‘Miyubi’

"We wanted the viewer to be this sort of gradually abandoned toy robot in 1982."

The newest VR film from Felix & Paul Studios, “Miyubi,” is,

Janko Roettgers

explains, “a retro-futuristic ’80s comedy that tells the story of a Japanese toy robot, given to a little boy, observing a typical suburban family with its trials and tribulations, and being plagued by increasingly serious technical issues.”

Felix Lajeunesse of Felix & Paul tells

Laura Mingail

, “‘One thing that really made us laugh was when we started to visualize … if we put the viewer inside of the mind and body of a two-foot-high plastic robot, how that is going to make you feel, not only about yourself, but about the world itself…the concept itself is inherently comedic – change the viewer’s relation to the world.’ [Paul] Raphaël [also of Felix & Paul[ furthered the point that ‘the low angle perspective really gives everything a caricature quality that facilitated a lot of the comedy that was going on.’

“When building a story for VR, Lajeunesse and Raphaël’s first step is always defining the role of the viewer in the story. ‘In Miyubi, that was the core concept. We wanted the viewer to be this sort of gradually abandoned toy robot in 1982, and to experience love, and to experience obsolescence, and being abandoned, and being loved again.’

“Raphaël explained that ‘more often, comedy is a social thing.’ People enjoy sharing laughs together. ‘What switches in VR [storytelling] is you’re alone and isolated, but the crew of people you’re with are actually the people that are in the experience.’ When a character in the experience makes a joke, you’re laughing with them, in a shared space like together at the family dinner, instead of watching that character make a joke on screen. Miyubi is filled with moments that reinforce your presence with its fun family, having you laughing alongside them.” To read Mingail’s full article,

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