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Your Basic Zombie Apocalypse Love Story: LOOK Effects Creates Characters for ‘Warm Bodies’

LOOK Effects produced the visual effects for Summit Entertainment’s Warm Bodies, which opened in theaters on Feb. 1. Based on the book of the same name written by Isaac Marion, the film was directed and scripted by Jonathan Levine and stars Nicolas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. This zombie movie slash romantic comedy blends elements of horror, teen angst, humor and the power of love thanks to visual effects crafted by the team at LOOK Effects.

Over a period of approximately 10 months LOOK opened a Vancouver facility, built a team of about 45, structured a character animation and visual effects pipeline and produced approximately 350 shots. Work included extensive character animation on “the Boneys,” an evolved form of zombie that plagues humanity, and the creation of a fully digital city in which the action takes place.

“This was a very exciting project for us,” says visual effects supervisor Dan Schrecker. “We worked extremely closely with Jonathan from the very beginning. He knew what he wanted but also gave us great latitude to create the look, feel and motion of the Boneys. These are the projects we enjoy the most—getting to be part of the creative team. And the character work we did was a big step forward for LOOK. I was very proud sitting in the audience at the premiere last week.”