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You Won’t Believe This Audi Spot Is Entirely CGI

With its sci-fi concept, it’s obvious that the Audi spot “Birth” has some beautiful effects work done on it. But what’s not immediately clear is that the entire minute-and-a-half spot is composed entirely of computer-generated imagery.

As the Mill’s Lead 3D artist Mike Chapman explains on the VFX house’s site, “Every single component of each car was precisely crafted in 3D. Working in a fully CG environment allowed us to be flexible with our camera positions and framing, but also meant that everything in the chamber environment had to be designed in meticulous detail. One of the main challenges of the whole job was the fine line we were treading between the mechanical and organic, some of the animation tests we tried were a bit too grotesque and uncomfortable to watch and some just too clinical and lacked impact.”

Andrew Proctor directs.