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This Year’s Top Documentary Filmmakers Discuss the “Incredible Instrument” of Their Craft

The Hollywood Reporter

‘s annual documentary directors roundtable this year features Raoul Peck (

I Am Not Your Negro

), Ezra Edelman (

OJ: Made in America

), Werner Herzog (

Into the Inferno; Lo and Behold

), Roger Ross Williams (

Life, Animated

), Josh Kriegman (


), and Kirsten Johnson (


) each discussing their craft and latest project.

Says Peck, “I came into film not because I wanted to work with actors or tell stories, I went into film because I realized that film was an incredible instrument for me to understand the world around me and then also as a political tool…I feel like around me people don’t see the world, don’t understand the world and my job as a filmmaker is to make sure the world is seen as it is. Especially being a black man, I don’t see myself on the screen. I don’t see my world on the screen. So I have to make sure this world exists and we are confronted with it.”

Watch the fascinating hour-long discussion below.