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‘Wings 3D’ Director Talks His Wildlife Documentary 6 Years in the Making

Wings 3D director John Downer talks to International Business Times about the six years it took to film his nature documentary and how the changing technology kept enhancing his film.

He says, “When we first started on the series, we couldn’t even shoot in digital in high speed. That’s the time shift that we’re talking about and our first shoot was on 35mm. We knew the technology was coming, we didn’t know at what rate but there were certain things we would hold back and not do. Stuff like cameras on the backs of birds because the cameras had to get smaller and smaller. We would just have to wait until that moment came and we’d say, ‘We can do it and the quality will be good enough and it’s all going to be HD, it’s all going to look wonderful.’ Each month there were developments coming and you start saying, ‘Yeah, that’s the one and we can commit to that and use it.'”

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