Will the Sony F5 and F55 Be Game Changers?

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Alister Chapman believes that the Sony F55 and F5 could truly be game-changers and here's why:

"At one extreme you have the Blackmagic Cinema Camera offering raw HD for just $3K and at the other end there is the Sony F65 with it’s 8k sensor and 16 bit raw high speed recording. Confusing the issue is the fact that both the $3K BMCC and the $100K F65 both shoot raw, what is it that makes a $97,000 difference between these cameras? Obviously there are many differences, but even so, will the audience be able to tell in the finished film, in a lot of cases perhaps not?

"So what your paying for is after sales support, ergonomics, reliability and usability. This is where I think the F5 and F55 may be game changers. If Sony have put together these camera packages as well as it appears, then it looks like the F5 and F55 tick all the right boxes."

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