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Will HDR Have an Effect on Movie Theaters? One Expert Says Not Necessarily

In the below video from CinemaCon, CineTechGeek speaks to David Hancock of IHS Screen Digest about how high dynamic range will affect cinema exhibitors. Or, in this case, how it won’t affect as much as one might originally think.

“At the moment, it’s not part of the wider landscape of cinema or the wider landscape of TV, but it will become that,” says Hancock. “[But] these things aren’t designed and don’t particularly have an effect of killing cinema or affecting cinema in that sense. So you can have Dolby [Vision] in the home and you might not have Dolby in the cinema. I don’t know people who go to the cinema specifically because of the technology in the cinema. They don’t go because it’s 2K or 4K…pretty much any cinema will have a good quality image. It may be that you have a better system in your home, but I don’t think that actually affects the cinema.”