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Why Online Viewing Should Mimic the TV Experience

iMediaConnection’s Richie Hyden opines that bringing the traditional television experience to online video is a solution that would be beneficial for users, creators and advertisers alike.

He writes, “Migrating the television experience into online videos may be the answer to the content overloaded ecosystem. There are currently some online playlists available, but to be successful it’s important that the programming resemble that traditional format as closely as possible. Providing online video viewers with a continuous flow of personalized content that requires no sifting or sorting mimics the television experience in its friendly usability and effortless viewing. For viewers, they are no longer trying to track down the videos they are interested in, but instead get a steady stream of content that plays one after the other like the traditional television experience. For content publishers, this can build site loyalty within the consumer, who knows they can go to a particular site and get a television-inspired format. It also allows content owners and advertisers to have their videos and ads viewed, as continuous play increases the likelihood that viewers will stick around for longer, while personalization means the right content is going to the right audience.”

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