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Why the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Is a Great Starter Camera

Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut compares the Blackmagic Cinema Camera to learning to shoot on 16mm film, explaining why he believes the camera is a great starter camera for those learning how to shoot.

He writes, “The team at Blackmagic Design is an intelligent group of engineers. WHY? Well, they delivered a camera that matches the latitude of 16mm film stock. 13 stops. Perfect. For all of you starting out on the Canon 5D and having 9.5 stops to deal with, you cannot screw up. You have to really understand what you are doing. Act of Valor looked the way it did because of my 20 years of exposing experience.If you are just diving into the film industry, then the BMCC gives you the latitude to fail and still succeed. WOW! Is that possible? Yes.”

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