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Wes Anderson’s DP Robert Yeoman Explains Nine of His Most Iconic Shots

Wes Anderson’s DP Robert Yeoman, who shot nine out of ten features for the director, explains nine of his most iconic scenes to Vulture.

Yeoman explains of the below scene from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, “I went over there a few days before we shot that sequence and we took our widest lens, and even with our backs against the wall, we couldn’t get the whole boat in the shot! We knew that was not gonna be acceptable. [Production designer] Mark [Friedberg] had given me a few extra feet behind the boat so I could hide lights behind it, and so they had to physically drag the boat back against the wall for that extra ten feet — and it was huge. I called Panavision in a panic and asked, ‘Do you have any wider lenses? Send them immediately!’ Literally, we had to shoot the whole scene with the camera outside the stage looking through the door in order to get that shot. It was a nail-biter for both Mark and myself.”

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