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Watch a Video Comparing the Internal HD Recording of the Sony FS5 vs. a Full 4K Raw Option

In the below video, Vortex Media’s Doug Jensen provides a split-screen comparison of the internal HD recording of the Sony FS5 versus the full 4K raw recording with the same camera outfitted with an Odyssey 7Q+.

Jensen explains on Vimeo, “In the months since I completed production of my 6-hour Sony FS5 Master Class training video ( I’ve had a lot of people write to ask me if I thought there were any advantages to recording the 4K RAW output of the FS5 to an external recorder vs. recording internally on SDXC cards. So, I decided to shoot some test footage one day with both at the same time and do a split-screen comparison. The camera only allows internal recording in HD resolution (not 4K) while 4K RAW is being output, so, in some ways, the test is also a comparison of HD vs. 4K. The camera was set for Picture Profile 7 (S-LOG2/S-Gamut) with the default settings. I exposed with the camera rated at ISO 1250 by exposing for white at 70%.”

“FYI, outputting RAW from the FS5 requires several optional upgrades,” he continues. “First, you must purchase Sony’s PXW-FS5 FS RAW Output Upgrade License which costs $500. Then you must have an external recorder that is capable of receiving the camera’s RAW 4K output and either recording it as Cinema DNG files or various flavors of ProRes. I own a Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ which is ideally suited for capturing RAW output from both the FS5 and FS7. An Odyssey 7Q+ costs $1800 plus SSD media cards. But you also need the RAW BUNDLE license for the 7Q+ which adds another $995 to the cost. So, gearing up to record the RAW output of the FS5 requires an investment of at least $3500 over and above the cost of the camera itself. Is it worth it to shoot RAW? I’ll leave that for other people to decide for themselves, I’ve just provided some footage that may help with that decision.”

Watch the two-part comparison below.