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Watch Test Footage from the AJA CION

David Carstens shot the below test footage with a prototype AJA CION.

As 4K Shooter’s explains, “The condition heading in all appeared daunting and unfavorable: No camera tests prior to production, no working menus or LOG setting (Rec709 was used for the shoot), and any framerate/shutter adjustments had to be made on the fly by one of two AJA techs as they worked to shoot 20+ pages in two days. As if all of this wasn’t enough to generate prime conditions, Carstens ‘took a leap of faith’ and rated the camera’s native ISO at 800, underexposing by two stops and giving the ProRes444 footage a green tinge thanks to Schneider Platinum IRND filters and the decision to shoot daylight as a base.”

Watch below and read the full story here.