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Watch a Stunning 4K Video Shot on a Lumia Smartphone

A 4K smartphone in the hands of a professional photographer can be an awe-inspiring thing. National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez used a Microsoft Lumia 930 smartphone to capture the below stunning 4K video of Mexico’s Paricutin volcano.

As Alvarez explains on Microsoft’s blog, “In 1943 on the central plain of Mexico an extraordinary thing happened in Don Pulido’s corn field. Instead of corn a volcano sprouted. It began with rumbling and earthquakes, then plumes of ash and lava. In the course of a week the volcano had grown to 5 stories tall and consumed the field. By the time the eruption ended nine years later the volcano was 336 meters. The molten rock from the ensuing lava flows consumed the nearby town leaving nothing but the church tower standing above the scene of primordial devastation. It was an incredible event and the cinder cone and church steeple still bear witness to the awesome destruction.”

Watch below.