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Watch Kendrick Lamar’s New 1:1 Ratio Music Video

Watch the new music video for Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” which premiered on a Beats billboard in Times Square before making its way online. Lamar is seen in his hometown of Compton where the video was shot in an Instagram-friendly aspect ratio.

As Director X tells Complex, “It’s a new age man. Instagram and all that, we’re in a new age of aspect ratios and you’ve gotta embrace that. So we played with aspect ratios, new filters, everything. So we wanted to play to that this time around. It’s exciting to me to see people sharing clips of the video on social media and it’s in that aspect ratio. [It was my idea] to shoot in that format. That’s something I’m definitely going to be playing around with on all of my videos going forward.”

Watch below and read more here. (NSFW language)