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Watch a Googol of Video Layers Unfold

Kevin McGloughlin combines a fascination with math with his filmmaking skills in his short video “GoogOl” which layers together enough videos of a car driving to actually create a googol (a 1 with a hundred zeroes next to it) of them.

As McGloughlin explains to The Creators Project, “Ten videos were set out in 3D space, all very visible. These were rendered out to create a movie (the second clip). Each of the 10 video layers were then replaced by this new movie. This scene was then rendered out as a new movie (the third clip). The fact that each of the ten layers now displays a video which itself is displaying 10 videos means the new movie is already displaying 100 videos. When this process is repeated once more,there are already 1,000 videos being displayed (the fourth clip), so its easy to see how quickly the numbers grow. This process was repeated 100 times, producing a final video (the last clip) which contains every other video in its own process.”

Watch below.