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Watch the Beauiful Hand-Crafted Opening Titles of ‘Marco Polo’

Mill+, under the guidance of creative directors Ben Smith and Bryce Wymer, created the striking opening titles for Netflix‘s new original series Marco Polo, which reflects the traditions and artworks of the time the period piece is set in.

As Mill+ explains to STASH MAGAZINE “Bryce developed a technique to capture the images being ‘invisibly painted’ using an overhead projector and meticulously hand-painting the images onto a dense paper stock that allowed the water to sit on the surface of the paper. Sumi ink (ink formulated for sumi painting and calligraphy) was then dripped onto the invisible water paintings, spreading beautifully throughout the entire image. This was captured through high-speed photography to create an elegant, monotone image, confined to the waters edges.”

Watch below.

Marco Polo Title Sequence from The Mill on Vimeo.