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Watch Barbara Kopple’s Short Documentary on the Demise of Kodak

“A Story of Yesterday & Today” is a short new documentary by Barbara Kopple which explores the effect the closing of the Eastman Kodak Company has had on Rochester, NY and its workers.

The short is the first of a four-part series called FutureWork which explores changes in the U.S. workforce. The future episodes will be released on and

“There used to be tens of thousands of workers employed behind the scenes making the film we once used. Today digital technology requires far fewer,” said Kopple in a statement. “What happened to Kodak and Rochester is happening all over America in many ways. The story of this incredible period of change is one I really wanted to explore. On the surface, the rate of change is frightening. Through the people we met, I found that there is tremendous hope and resiliency. I learned something new about the human spirit as those most effected found new and even greater meaning as they transitioned to new careers amidst difficult circumstances.”

Watch below.

FutureWork: A Story of Yesterday & Today from WorkingNation on Vimeo.