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Watch This Amazing Documentary Shot on an iPhone 6S Plus

RYOT co-founders and filmmakers Bryn Mooser and David Darg filmed a short documentary, “The Painter of Jalouzi” on an iPhone 6S Plus. Says their site, “Jalouzi (pronounced JAH-loo-zee) is a slum on a mountainside; a bleak expanse of cinderblock homes in Port-Au-Prince, the nation’s capital. Apropos to a country full of contrast, Jalouzi sits directly above Petionville, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city Mooser and Darg visited Jalouzi many times in the span of the 3 years they lived in Haiti as humanitarian aid workers after the quake. 

“When we heard the new iPhone would shoot in 4K, we thought about what we could shoot that would really demonstrate the power of the resolution.”

Check out “The Painter of Jalouzi” below and a behind-the-scenes look below that: