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‘Virunga’ Director: A Social Documentary Needs to Be Entertaining to Be Seen

Virunga director Orlando von Einsiedel talks to Filmmaker Magazine about his social documentary, which tells of an embattled national park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the illegal oil exploration of it by British company SOCO International, which has led to violence and even civil war.

Von Einsiedel has set the film up to be an entirely not-for-profit venture, with a mission to spread the word about the injustices being perpetuated at Virunga. He says of making a social documentary, “One of the things I’ve certainly been guilty of in the past is not making a film entertaining or exciting enough. It doesn’t matter how worthy or important a film’s subject is, if the film itself is boring then very few people will ever see it. Nailing the story really is key.”

Read the full story here. Virunga is now available to stream on Netflix.