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Vinten Transfers Vision to the Screen for Stephen McGee

Two-time News & Documentary Emmy Award-winning director/director of photography Stephen McGee has been producing documentaries for 13 years. This year he was chosen by CNN producers to act as DP in one episode of CNN’s Heroes, a distinguished series about “everyday people doing extraordinary things to change the world,” now in its 10th season. To tell the story of Veronica Scott, a Detroit designer who created a heat-trapping jacket for the homeless, McGee used the Vinten 100 fluid head.

“I was looking for something that could hold a heavier payload but that was also light enough to move quickly with. My tripod’s abilities need to be as diverse as the environments that my productions are in. When framing, life through the lens is lived in millimeters. It’s about precision, and that’s what Vinten offered me,” McGee says.

McGee captured dynamic “day in the life” style footage of Scott and her work with Detroit area homeless for the episode. The Vinten 100 allowed him a range of elegant moves and kept the production value high.

”The diversity of shots I can get quickly is the equation for success in my films. I can move it around and set up a shot at a variety of heights with ease. Being able to have a slider on the tripod head during the interview allows me to reframe the shot and have a moving element. The Vinten is perfect because the accuracy of the leveling system and the strength of the tripod let me easily transfer my vision to the screen,” McGee adds.