Vincent Laforet on Canon Joining the World of 4K

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Vincent Laforet gives his clear-eyed take on Canon's three announcements yesterday (the EOS-1D C, the C500, and the new cinema zoom lenses). He says, "Is 4K the future? Very likely so. But it’s going to be an uphill battle to get production houses to upgrade their computers, graphic cards, and monitors to fully support 4K on a first level (most systems can support it now – but RAW is another issue). Then we’re going to need bigger pipes to deliver the content via the web. Then comes the viewing public – they too are going to need higher resolution displays and televisions, and theaters are going to need a new generation of projectors to fully appreciate these magnificent higher resolutions. The point is: it’s going to take a little while for this to happen – years, not months for most. And of course these monitors and projectors AREN’T cheap – and that’s another significant factor. I know of one friend who has shot an entire film in 5K – but it’s quite an undertaking to project it at 4K – so he’ll be projecting it at 2K in the end which I’d imagine is a tough pill to swallow. That of course will change with time…as will the prices."

Read his full post here.