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Videocraft Goes Mobile for Wings For Life Run

The whole world runs together during the Red Bull Wings for Life World Run, an annual charity event that raises money to help find a cure for spinal cord injury. In locations around the globe, participants run on the same day, at the same time. Broadcast services for the Australian run this year were handled by Videocraft, which provided its state-of-the-art OB truck, as well as an ingenious and cost-effective mobile broadcasting solution.

Michael Fardell, Videocraft’s founder and director, explains the setup: “Videocraft had four wired OB cameras at the start line. Then, once the race started, there were four mobile cameras on motorbikes following the runners. The key here was that all the links were provided by 4G bonded streaming solutions.”

On the ground and on the motorbikes, Videocraft deployed four Teradek Bond II encoders that were securely linked to Teradek’s cloud servers. The servers were in turn downlinked to the Videocraft OB truck and decoded using Teradek Cube decoders.

Fardell adds, “This was a brilliant, cost-effective solution as we were able to broadcast the OB using 4G on the cameras and didn’t need to use helicopters, which would have been tricky at night and very expensive. Once the footage arrived in Videocraft’s truck, they switched and dealt with it as they would any normal camera source.”

Fardell concludes, “I can’t speak highly enough about the mobile OB solution. There were no drop-outs, black-outs or time lost for refueling. The Teradek Bond 4G solution was slick and efficient and proved to me that a new era in mobile broadcasting has arrived.”