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Utah Scientific Announces Additions to the UTAH-400 Product Line

Utah Scientific

(Booth C-5912) has announced several major additions to the very successful UTAH-400 High-density Digital Routing Switcher.

UTAH-400 Redundant Crosspoint Option

The very successful UTAH-400 144×144 High Density Digital Routing Switcher is now available with a built-in redundant crosspoint module for applications that demand the highest possible operational reliability.

With this introduction, all UTAH-400 routers, including the smaller UTAH-400/64 frame and the larger 288×288-based systems, are now available with optional crosspoint redundancy.

Operation of the redundancy feature is controlled by the UTAH-400’s unique signal presence detection capabilities, allowing the system to sense an internal failure and seamlessly switch over to the redundant circuit paths.

UTAH-400 Analog I/O Option

All UTAH-400 switchers can now be ordered with analog I/O modules, allowing system designers to incorporate legacy analog equipment into their new digital distribution facility without the need for external converters and/or “tie-line” connections to analog routing systems.

The 8-channel option modules are fully compatible with the other SD, HD, and AES I/O options for the UTAH-400, allowing the analog ports to be freely added to any UTAH-400 digital routing switcher.

The UTAH-400 product line includes High Definition and Standard Definition and AES digital routing switchers for sizes from 32×32 up to 1152×1152. All SD switchers are fully upgradable to HD operation by means of a simple I/O board exchange. All UTAH-400 switchers incorporate a unique signal monitoring facility that will inform the system operator of problems with signals at the inputs and outputs of the router and even take corrective action to resolve the problem automatically.