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Ultra High-Speed Videography and Human Perception

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AbelCine's Mitch Gross writes about extreme slow-motion's ability to actually enhance human perception by showing us phenomena that are impossible to see with the naked eye. He writes, "When a bolt of lightning strikes, we see a sudden and instantaneous flash in the sky. Photograph that same lightning bolt at speeds of 5000fps or faster, then play that back at 24fps, and we discover that the electrical discharge starts up in the clouds and extends in a series of tendrils to the ground, with a point of brightness at the end where the atmosphere is being burned away. These tendrils spread out like the branches of a tree, with some petering off into the atmosphere while one successfully completes its journey to the ground to discharge its energy. It is an active process with many components, yet to the human eye in real time, it is an instantaneous and simultaneous event."

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