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TVUPack Delivers Live HD Streaming

At, we stream live and interactive entertainment every day. We produce and air custom programming, original shows and live interviews to a variety of video sites including YouTube and other video streaming platforms. Our more than 30 regularly scheduled web programs cover a wide range of subjects such as TV, film, sports, technology and healthy lifestyles.

Currently, we’re focused on delivering live programming tied to events that are important to our viewers. Our reporters are able to conduct live, on-location interviews with movie and TV stars thanks to TVUPack, a live video mobile uplink solution in a backpack from TVU Networks. The cellular streaming technology helps us untether from the studio, and provides a tremendous amount of programming flexibility.

We’ve used our TVUPack at movie premieres and recently at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood for a red carpet event. Thanks to TVUPack, we streamed perfect live HD video of our reporters interviewing the cast of the Starz series Outlander. We would not have been able to do that a few years ago, before TVUPack.

With TVUPack, we can stream HD-quality live video using multiple cellular, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. It’s portable, simple to set up and easy to use, which is a huge advantage for our camera crew. TVUPack is a very cost-effective solution compared to other methods of remote live video streaming. And the company’s customer support has gone above and beyond for us, troubleshooting any issues at any time.

Susan Wrenn is managing partner and CEO at