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Turtle Entertainment Delivers Studio with Dracast

When I was tasked with lighting my new production studio, I looked at offerings from Dracast, which claimed to have 95 CRI LED lights at a price I could afford. I thought it too good to be true so I called up and asked to test their light. It took me about five minutes in a dark room to realize I would be lighting my entire set with their well built, well equipped and amazingly white lights.

I was able to build the ultimate portable interview kit for my ENG team, which includes the LED1000 spot, LED1000 flood and two LED500 spots. This kit makes for amazing looking footage every time. The V mount plate means we never need to worry about stringing out power cables and looking for outlets.

In building my primary kit, I chose a Fresnel1000 for the primary key light. The light is so easy to shape and lets me keep the light where I want it. The two fill lights are LED2000s, which give off such a nice soft fill. The hair lights are two LED1000 spots. For my secondary set, which is much smaller, I selected two LED2000 spots for key and two LED1000 spots for separation.

Shawn Hendrix is executive producer at Turtle Entertainment America—ESL.