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‘Transparent’ DP Jim Frohna on Shooting in His Naturalistic, Improvisational Style

Transparent DP Jim Frohna explains the naturalistic, improvisational style that he brought to the Amazon show, which first started with extensive rehearsals intended to get the family dynamics right.

“The way into telling the family story was to be completely connected to the feeling of a scene or character. [Creator/director] Jill [Soloway] and I decided that our approach would boil down to this: Give the actors the room and space to bring the story to life and the camera is there, both as witness and participant, to document the emotional journey,” he writes on Shane Hurlbut’s site. “For starters, we rarely ever gave the actors marks to hit. They were free to utilize the space and follow their instincts, to try different things on each take. Many of my favorite moments and scenes came while I, as the A camera operator, had the camera on my shoulder, following the actors around the room, responding to what was unfolding. This is when I felt the most connected to the actors, to the story and the emotions. But what may be invigorating for me is an incredible challenge for the camera crew— there were many shoot days where everything felt caught on the fly.”

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