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Toolkit: May 2016



Mini-Connect ($345) is a small device with four USB connections and a built-in web server that provides network control of up to four different AJA ROI scan converters simultaneously from anywhere, using any standard web browser. Mini-Connect extends AJA’s efficient and powerful Mini-Config software UI across the network for access anywhere, allowing speedy and complete configuration of up to four ROI scan converters per Mini-Connect device. Once connected, users can easily configure ROI’s features and update firmware remotely, across a LAN or across the web. AJA’s line of ROI scan converters allows high-quality conversion of computer-based content to professional SDI video at an affordable price and in a very portable size. 

Duclos Lenses

2x Tele-Extender

Duclos Lenses is now shipping its PL mount 2x Tele-Extender. An all-new optical design paired with a robust mechanical configuration makes Duclos’ 2x Tele-Extender an excellent tool for cinematographers looking to double the focal length of their lenses. As with any 2x extender, expect a two-stop light loss, but don’t expect to sacrifice image quality. The optical design maintains the highest possible image quality from the center to the Super 35 field and beyond. The 2x Tele-Extender is priced from $4,995. 



Manfrotto’s LYKOS portable light uses a recent LED innovation (surface-mount technology) to deliver the highest illuminance in a compact size. Powered by Litepanels, LYKOS LED panels are offered in two versions: daylight and bi-color. With its very powerful light capable of 1,600 lux at daylight color temperature, LYKOS Daylight ($450) is centered at 5,600°K. LYKOS Bi-Color ($515) is capable of 1,500 lux at daylight color temperature and 1,300 at tungsten, providing the possibility to change color temperature from warm white (3,000°K) to cold white (5,600°K). A color LCD display on the back of the unit allows the easy monitoring of the functions.  

Miller Camera Support

Compass 23 Fluid Head

The newest entrant to Miller’s 100mm range, the Compass 23 Fluid Head provides users with the ability to add more lens and rig options without completely going out of the 75mm price point. It is designed to handle a variety of setups, from those that employ a light rigging with just a camera and a lens to a full rig with monitors, wireless mics, batteries and more. To accommodate different setups, the Compass 23 is equipped with 3+0 selectable positions of high-performance drag and four counterbalance positions for payloads from approximately 8 lb. to 30 lb. It also has a 120mm sliding camera plate with 60mm travel for perfect balancing. Other features include illuminated bubble level, superior pan/tilt locks with disc brakes and replaceable tilt end rosette.