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Toolkit: February 2016

Thunder3 Duo Pro RAID and Display Dock

A RAID and display dock solution designed to maximize the capabilities of Thunderbolt 3, AKiTiO’s Thunder3 Duo Pro offers fast transfers and features a DisplayPort video output. Able to deliver transfer speeds of up to 770 MB/s while simultaneously providing two 4K video streams to connected displays, the Thunder3 Duo Pro is offered as a two-bay RAID enclosure that supports four RAID modes. It includes two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type B) port and a DisplayPort video output to connect 4K 60 Hz displays. The second Thunderbolt 3 port operates the same as a Thunderbolt 3 computer port by supporting Thunderbolt 3 (up to five daisy-chained), USB 3.1 (10 Gb/s) and DisplayPort devices.

Azden Corp.
SMX-30 Stereo/Mono Shotgun Microphone

Azden’s SMX-30 microphone features a selectable +20 dB gain booster that allows for strong, clean audio recordings, minimizing the need to turn up the preamp in most cameras. If production takes place in a noisy environment, the selectable -10 dB pad protects against overload distortion. The microphone offers wide band frequency response from 40 Hz to 20 kHz for full and natural sound reproduction. A low-cut filter is provided to lessen outdoor wind and traffic noise and tame noisy indoor heating and cooling units. The SMX-30 includes a shock-absorbing shoe mount to isolate the microphone from camera motor and handling noise.

JVC Professional Video
GY-HM200SP Streaming Camcorder

With embedded score panel graphics, JVC Professional Video’s GY-HM200SP 4KCAM camcorder is designed to enhance single-camera local sports coverage. Producing a real-time score overlay on recorded or streamed video output without the use of an external CG and production switcher, the GY-HM200SP can receive score information directly from a mobile device connected wirelessly to the camera. The GY-HM200SP features a 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS imager and integrated 12x zoom lens with optical image stabilizer and 24x dynamic zoom in HD mode. The camera records UHD, 4:2:2 Full HD (50 Mb/s) and SD footage, while a new 70 Mb/s mode records 4K footage in smaller files on Class 10 SDHC/SDXC memory cards. The built-in HD streaming engine with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity allows live HD transmission directly from the camera.

Astra 1×1 Lights by Litepanels

Designed by Litepanels and distributed by Manfrotto, Astra 1×1 fixtures are built on the legacy of the Litepanels 1×1 panel. Engineered with upgraded technology and featuring premium quality, high-CRI surface-mount LEDs and custom TIR (total internal reflector) optics, Astra 1x1s provide superior color reproduction and a light output that is brighter than the original 1×1 panel. The fixture provides full-spectrum soft light with visually accurate color temperature. It includes flexible AC or DC power options and smooth dimming from 100 percent to 0 with no noticeable color shift. Astra 1×1 lights also offer flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle.

RED Digital Cinema
Scarlet-W Camera

Featuring a RED Dragon sensor, interchangeable lens mounts, simultaneous recording in REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes formats, an intelligent OLPF system and in-camera 3D-LUT outputs, RED’s Scarlet-W camera is able to capture 5K at 60 fps, 4K at 150 fps or 2K at 300 fps with REDCODE RAW. Customers have the option of purchasing the Brain only to build a kit that best fits their needs or choosing the comprehensive Scarlet-W Base I/O V-Lock package. Scarlet-W offers an upgrade path to Weapon and uses the DSMC2 line of accessories, compatible with both RED Raven and Weapon cameras.

V-1HD High Definition Video Switcher

Compact and portable, Roland’s V-1HD video switcher can accommodate up to four HDMI audio/video sources with resolutions up to 1080p and features a host of compositing effects and creative video switching capabilities. HDMI A/V sources may include cameras, computers, tablets, smartphones and even Blu-ray players. Its HD output can be switched between 720p (from 720p inputs), 1080i or 1080p. In either 1080i or 1080p output mode, the V-1HD can accept both 1080p and 1080i input signals simultaneously. It features a 12-channel audio mixer for mixing stereo audio from HDMI and external stereo audio sources and its dedicated microphone input. The switcher also includes two HDMI program and preview outputs and a stereo audio output.

LitePad HO90

From Rosco Laboratories, the LitePad HO90 is a daylight-balanced (5,300° K) fixture that features high-CRI (90+) emitters and produces a soft, flattering quality of light. Only 0.3″ thick, the LitePad HO90 is able to fit in places where conventional light sources will not. Available in six standard sizes, LitePad HO90 has LEDs on all four sides of the perimeter for maximum brightness, while a recessed connector provides a solid power connection directly on the LitePad itself. Compared to its predecessors, the LitePad HO90 averages 30 percent less power consumption without any loss of light output.

Sound Devices/Video Devices
PIX-E7 Recording Field Monitor

The 4K-compatible PIX-E7 recording field monitor offers a range of monitoring tools, SDI and HDMI I/O, and the ability to record all available Apple ProRes codecs, up to ProRes 4444 XQ 12-bit. The monitor incorporates a user interface that combines tactile buttons with an intuitive touchscreen display. The PIX-E7, like PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H, also from Video Devices, is compatible with the USB-based SpeedDrive, a custom-made enclosure that holds an mSATA solid-state drive. The PIX-E7 also accepts external timecode via a BNC linear input connection. It features a second SDI in and a general purpose input/output port for tally light and remote control workflows.