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Tom Ford’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Addresses the Hollowness He Perceives in Our Materialistic Culture

Seven years after taking the indie filmmaking world by storm with A Single Man, fashion designer Tom Ford is back in the director’s chair with his follow-up film, Nocturnal Animals

The film centers on an art dealer named Susan (Amy Adams) who becomes obsessed with a novel she’s reading about a family man (Jake Gyllenhaal) who gets attacked on a lonely stretch of Texas road. The two stories intertwine as the film goes on.

“Susan is quite literally me,” Ford tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s someone who has material things but realizes — maybe this happened to me seven or eight years ago — those aren’t the things that are important. She is struggling with the world that I live in: the world of absurd rich [people], the hollowness and emptiness I perceive in our culture.”

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