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Toll Brothers Homes and Qwest to Deliver Advanced Connectivity to Homes and Businesses in Windgate Ranch

An agreement by Toll Brothers Homes and Qwest Communications International makes Scottsdale”s Windgate Ranch development the first Arizona development to be connected via fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology.

The applications for homeowners, schools, and businesses at Windgate Ranch are endless and include distance learning, videoconferencing, and telecommuting. Qwest FTTH also levels the technology playing field for home-based businesses and may help reduce energy consumption and traffic congestion.

Residential and business users will have access to Qwest high-speed Internet service—up to 10Mbps.

“Toll Brothers has implemented market-leading luxury features, along with community and architectural standards at Windgate Ranch—this community is further differentiated by offering the highest technology standards for homes and businesses,” says Kevin Duermit, president of Toll Brothers.

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