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Tips for Successful Color Correction

New to color correction? Oliver Peters provides some handy strategies on his digitalfilms blog.

He writes, “A common mistake made by editors new to color correction is to try to nail a ‘look’ all in a single application of a filter or color correction layer. Subjective grading is an art. Just like a photographer who dodges and burns areas of a photo in the lab or in Photoshop to ‘relight’ a scene, so it is with the art of digital color correction. This requires several steps, so a single solution will never give you the best result. I follow this concept, regardless of the NLE or grading application I’m using at the time. Whether stacked filters in Premiere Pro, several color corrections in FCP X, rooms in Color, nodes in Resolve or layers in SpeedGrade – the process is the same. The standard grade for me is often a ‘stack’ of four or more grading levels, layers or nodes to achieve the desired results.”

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