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TIps for Shooting with Drones

Brent Foster talks to Fstoppers‘ Mike Wilkinson about how to get started shooting with camera drones.

Says Foster, “Don’t rush. There’s nothing worse than trying to jump right into something like this. We’ve all trained long and hard to learn our cameras inside and out, and need to treat flying UAVs the same way. From the simulator and small quad, I went right into a bigger octocopter, capable of flying my DSLR. This was a full scale machine with all the bells and whistles. It was also a giant investment. Looking back, I certainly should have started with a phantom after learning to fly the quad, and moved on from there. That is definitely what I would recommend to anyone getting into flying. The Phantom is a really fun UAV to fly, and you can produce some amazing footage using one. With that being said, if you want to come at it professionally and cater to bigger productions, and different clients, you’ll eventually want to step up to a larger system capable of flying a DSLR or larger cameras.”

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