Timur Civan Shoots “Cymatics” with SmallHD Monitor Support

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When director of photography Timur Civan faced the challenge of shooting the music video “Cymatics: Science vs. Music” by Nigel Stanford with two dissimilar cameras, he depended on the color accuracy of his SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED monitor.

Since Civan was mixing real-time video shot with a RED Dragon camera and super-slow-motion footage shot with a Vision Research Phantom Flex, he had to match the look of both cameras to avoid jarring differences in the video when cutting between them.

“My digital imaging technician, Tom Wong, measured the DP7-PRO’s accuracy and proclaimed it to be nearly exact. I had Tom build me custom lookup tables,” continues Civan. “The light response between the two cameras is very different, and we needed to get them to match. Tom created something that looked more contrasty on the Dragon camera to match the contrast of the Phantom,” Civan explains.

“Rather than wheel Tom’s DIT station around from location to location, we ran its output into my DP7-PRO monitor on a stand next to the camera. With my monitor’s color accuracy, the shoot’s director, Shahir Daud, client Nigel Stanford and I were able to use the DP7-PRO to tweak the lighting to get exactly what we wanted each shot to look like.”

“Cymatics,” the first single from Nigel Stanford’s Solar Echoes album, was shot in 6K resolution and finished in 4K/Ultra HD. Watch it below.

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford from Nigel Stanford on Vimeo.


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