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Time Warner Cable Sports Scores with Sony Drives

Content may be king, but for Time Warner Cable Sports, reliable, portable storage is critical. The network is using more than 50 of Sony’s new portable storage drives—a combination of 256 GB SSDs (model PSZ-SA25) and 1 TB HDDs (model PSZ-HA1T).

“We use them on a daily basis for our original programming and day-to-day workplace storage,” says Mark Coleman, vice president, operations, at Time Warner Cable Sports Regional Networks. “Storage might have the perception of being just a ‘commodity,’ but in reality it’s anything but. If we lose content, we lose time, we lose money, we lose productivity and we lose the ability to tell the story. So the Sony drives are very valuable.”


Much of TWC Sports’ programming work—including its signature behind-the-scenes documentary franchise featuring the Backstage: Lakers and Backstage: Dodgers series—is shot on location, where the drives’ small form factor and durable construction are especially handy.

“Our staff can easily carry them, stick them in their backpack and go,” Coleman adds. “We need them to be very small and compact, but still able to handle demanding transfer speeds and provide reliable backup. The field teams need peace of mind that their content will be secure while being transported around.”

Time Warner Cable Sports uses Sony 4K cameras for image capture in the field, so they appreciate the drives’ fast transfer speeds and ability to easily handle high-bandwidth content. “We need to get material from the camera as quickly and reliably as possible,” Coleman says.