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Three Approaches to Marketing an Independent Film – Three Indie Filmmakers Tell Us How They Did It

Hey everyone. This is an article from Independent Magazine
that looks at three real-life case studies of independent filmmakers
DIY-ing their own marketing. Again, DIY isn’t always for everyone, but
these folks made it work. A great read!

Three Approaches to Marketing an Independent Film

Three independent filmmakers discuss how they succeeded in marketing their films.

Independent filmmakers don’t have the luxury of the publicity
divisions employed by studios. Yet smart filmmaker know that a film’s
marketing is crucial to its success or failure—and doing it well
requires an enormous amount of time and effort. So, they tap the
passion, wherewithal, determination, and moxie that drives them to make
films in the first place to create posters, generate buzz, start an
online viral campaign, and do whatever else is necessary to get their
work in front of audiences.

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