Testing the New H.265 Codec

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CineMartin have released images from their tests of the new H.265 HEVC conversion, which supports 4K resolution.

Writes Andrew Reid of EOSHD, "In case you live at 12 Under Rock Drive, the H.265 standard is the biggest codec of the decade. It supersedes today’s most common codec for encoding and internet delivery of video (H.264) and makes 4K recording to SD cards possible on DSLRs. Cinemartin say in their tests a ProRes 4:4:4 video of 590MB was converted to H.265 HEVC with CINEC 2.7 to an output video of 4.9MB with little or no noticeable differences in image quality. You can see the image samples below (click to enlarge), even at 1:1 I can’t tell a difference."

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