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Testing Dynamic Range on the Sony FS7

DV Info’s Art Adams tests out dynamic range on the Sony FS7.

He explains, “My goal was to light the dining room with a single light, although we used additional units in the kitchen and outside the living room. Tom placed an 800w HMI PAR about 7′ away from the dining room window, and I asked for a very narrow lens as I wanted as much bounce off the table as possible…Although I’ve shot formal dynamic range tests in the past with the FS7, I wanted to see how it did in a real environment. The FS7’s ‘native’ ISO is 2000, but I’ve felt more comfortable rating it at 1000 for most of my work. I opted to try it out at 1000, 2000 and 4000, one stop over and under its suggested ISO.”

Watch the test below and read his full write-up here.