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Teradek Sends DJI’s Drone Around the World

DJI reached out to the team at Teradek with an ambitious goal for the worldwide launch of their Phantom 3 aerial imaging drone on April 8. The event required a live stream to multiple locations including New York, London, Munich and China, and worldwide via YouTube Live.

The team selected the Teradek Bond II bonded cellular device for the task, particularly for its ability to combine the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections to maintain a reliable live stream using cellular modems and an Ethernet connection. Also beneficial: the device’s small footprint, affordable price and broadcast-quality signal.

Live video from DJI’s Experience Wonder event in New York was transmitted by the Bond to Teradek Core, a web-based workflow management system for Teradek encoders, decoders and cellular bonding systems. Core allowed the crew to manage and record the stream, as well as distribute the program to DJI launch parties in London and Munich.

“Utilizing the Bond as well as Core, we were able to provide an experience that our customers will remember all around the world. Everyone was able to share, in real time, the release of a revolutionary new product,” says Willis Chung, marketing manager of DJI. “With just this small device and a laptop, we were streaming to YouKu [a Chinese video hosting service] and YouTube for a global launch of the Phantom 3.”

“Core was essential for the success of this event,” says Topher Delancy, brand manager for Teradek. “What would have normally taken a satellite truck and an entire team of engineers instead required just one operator managing and distributing the stream from their laptop.”