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Techno-Jib on “Comedy Central Presents”

Camera Moves TeleCrane, the company that first brought the Techno-Jib to the East Coast, is bringing this new technology to the high-profile productions:

Paula Abdul’s RAH!


Comedy Central Presents.

”The Techno-Jib is perfect for a show like

Comedy Central Presents,

” explains jib owner/camera operator Rob Balton, who credits his partner Mark Whitman for discovering the equipment on a Victoria’s Secret job.

We shoot Comedy Central Presents at the Hudson Theater in Manhattan, New York. It’s a small venue. Because of the Techno-Jib’s small footprint, we are able to get in and capture everything from reverses to overs, wide shots of the house, extend into a 24-foot crane move, do Steadicam down the aisle, and even dolly from the back of the house–without dominating the room or casting shadows. The production value is amazing. There is simply a lot of bang for the buck.”

Techno-Jib by Telescopic allows a single operator to control diverse camera movements including zoom, focus, and the telescoping of the jib arm, through a customizable user interface. Techno-Jib 24 extends from a minimum reach of 9 feet (2.7 meters) to a maximum of 24 feet (7.3 meters). The arm travels at speeds of up to 5 feet per second.

The Techno-Jib 24 is available for purchase or rental. For more information, visit or contact: Telescopic LLC, in North Hollywood, CA: telephone (310) 804-6113; Email:

For more information on Camera Moves TeleCrane, visit: