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Take a Deep Dive into Filming Underwater Odyssey ‘Pioneer’

Pioneer cinematographer Jallo Faber details the many challenges of filming the period Norwegian film about the 1970s and ’80s underwater explorations that eventually became central to the country’s economy.

He writes for MovieMaker Magazine, “We wanted the underwater scenes to be endless in visibility, just like in space. The idea of ‘space’ also echoes what the Norwegians call the triumph of the deep-sea diving technology in the ’70s – they jokingly refer to it as ‘Norway’s moon landing’…For reference, we looked at all the diving movies we could find. James Cameron’s The Abyss was the most obvious, and the first one we flicked through. But funnily enough, we found most of our inspiration from Ridley Scott’s Alien. Alien relates to physical space in a very interesting way. We also loved the idea, in Alien, to depict the everyday in space; ‘truck drivers in space.'”

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