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Synthetic Apertures Color Finesse Supports ASC CDL Color Info Interchange with Gamma & Densitys 3CP On-Set Color System

San Juan Capistrano, CA – Synthetic Aperture and Gamma & Density Co. announced that Color Finesse and the on-set Cinematographers’ Color Correction Program (3cP) now support the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC CDL), an industry standard for cross-platform exchange of color correction data.

Generated by both Color Finesse and 3cP, the ASC CDL works within the post-production workflow of most digital cameras, including Panavision Genesis, Thomson Viper FilmStream, Red ONE, Arri D-20 and Sony CineAlta. Currently two major feature film productions are using this innovative functionality.

By providing a common, standardized method of describing color correction information, the ASC CDL provides a way to transfer that information from the set to post production. And within post production, color information can be exchanged between different color correction systems including Color Finesse and DaVinci Resolve and 2K Plus. This allows a common set of color decisions to be used on the set, for dailies, and for an eventual digital intermediate (DI) output to film as well as for DVD release, eliminating redundant color correction work, providing color corrected footage to the editorial process, thus saving time and money.

Synthetic Aperture will be demonstrating the 3cP/Color Finesse/ASC CDL workflow at the upcoming NAB show (April 14-17) in booth SL 2128B.

To date, Synthetic Aperture and Gamma & Density Co. have applied this patented idea to color control solutions to over twenty feature film and television productions, including

10,000 BC, Iron Man, The Kite Runner, The Tudors, Babel,

and the upcoming

Quantum of Solace


State of Play.

The ASC CDL was developed by the American Society of Cinematographers Technical Committee in a unique collaboration of manufacturers, cinematographers, and colorists.

About Synthetic Aperture

Founded in 1995, Synthetic Aperture is a provider of practical tools for digital video, specializing in color correction and measurement. Synthetic Aperture publishes the Color Finesse advanced color corrector as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro; Echo Fire video previewing software for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop; the Test Gear test instrument plug-in for After Effects; and the popular free utility Test Pattern Maker. More information may be found on the company’s web site,


About Gamma & Density Co.

Gamma & Density Co. develops tools that enable cinematographers to maintain artistic and technical control over their images during the film and digital transfer processes. The Los Angeles-based company’s Thorough Control System (TCS) helps cinematographers arrive at their desired look during on set (or after set) color correction, and then on film-to-tape or DI transfer sessions by relying on a patented color chart and system of unified monitor calibration that functions as a common language between DPs, DITs, and telecine/DI colorists.

The innovative 3cP on-set color correction system for cinematographers also calibrates monitors and transfers images quickly and without losses between different digital color imaging systems used in film, television, HD, and Digital Cinematography. For more information, visit