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Syndrome Has Fun with Greenscreen for Action Bronson Music Video

Directing collective Syndrome directs the music video for Action Bronson’s “Actin Crazy.” The video was shot twice in a single take and the first take was the one used.

As the directors explain, “What would it be like if you could see what Action Bronson saw in his head while he stood in front of a green screen? That was the basis for this video’s concept. The end result is a single take set up that we blocked out with Bronson and our crew to capture him literally Actin’ Crazy on set. It was important to capture everything; mistakes and all. Just as long as it was real. We ended up only shooting this sequence twice. We used the first take because it was so pure and there was nothing for Bronson to compare it to.”

Watch below and read more here on VideoStatic. (NSFW language)