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Superfad Creates Museum Film for Urs Fischer Exhibit

Superfad completed a promo film for the New Museum exhibit Urs Fischer: Marguerite de Ponty, which runs through Feb. 7. The project is the third collaboration between the New Museum and Superfad and the film is being featured on the New Museum Web site and played in NYC taxis.

Urs Fischer promo
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For his first large-scale solo presentation in an American museum, Urs Fischer has taken over all three of the New Museum’s gallery floors to create a series of immersive installations and hallucinatory environments. To capture the vast scale and surreal nature of the exhibition, Superfad created a piece that offers a unique tour through the exhibit supported with a bold music track for a layer of intrigue and curiosity.

“It was a really amazing opportunity to be able to explore such epic pieces of work and present them in a unique way,” says Superfad director Tesia Alexandra. “We were able to get such wonderful shots very close and detailed because of the freedom and versatility of using a Panasonic Micro Four-Thirds Lumix GH1.”