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Sunray Launches Translyte LED Lighting Systems for TV and Motion Picture Production

Sunray Translyte LED systems are the latest lighting technology advancement in television and motion picture production from a collaboration between DADCO, LLC and FilmGear, Inc. Crafted into a sturdy aluminum frame, the 6, 12 and 24 tube Translyte LED lighting systems use Filmgear state-of-the-art T12 4-foot LED tubes.

These large format LED “Hard Body” fixtures feature on-board, two circuit dimmers with local control, DMX or wireless DMX control and can be linked with conventional dimmer systems. The two circuit wiring harness with locking end caps allows blending of color temperatures when using both daylight and tungsten tubes.

FilmGear has developed state-of-the-art 3,200° K and 5,600° K LED tubes with clear or frosted lenses. (Clear lenses will provide approximately 50 percent more output than the frosted style). These LED tubes are fully dimmable with a smooth curve to less than ten percent with no color shift.

The Translyte design allows diffusion or bounce material to be attached by Velcro on the front of fixture and solid or silk skirts, in addition to fabric egg crates. The fixtures can be stacked on top of each other by bolting the feet together or they can be bolted together side by side offering multiple options. Systems are supplied with a bail that has an 1 1/8” pin for mounting on stands and can be used with “t-rex” arms for pipe mounting.

Sunray’s new Translyte Ladder System consists of a two-piece webbing with “D” rings on top and bottom for easy rigging and a single circuit 14-tube or unique two circuit 28-tube wiring loom. The ladder system can be loaded with all one Kelvin temperature tubes or can have a blend of tungsten and daylight tubes to achieve the desired Kelvin temperature.

The Sunray Phil-lyte LED Coop is a retrofit of standard coops with 20 FilmGear T12 24” LED tubes. It uses recessed Edison connectors for power and is supplied with a two circuit wiring harness with locking end caps. The Sunray Phil-lyte coop can be outfitted with tungsten, daylight or a blend of LED tubes.